The master jury of “Compete del zeal”, renowned public month to month of the travel industry, wine and food coordinated by Mr Marasco, has chosen Spoleto like the fifth city in Italy as the most “Brilliant”. The votes take notes, not of the administrations and the tip top structures intended for a public with solid financial soundness, yet of structures available to a medium objective, more abundant, mirroring a worldwide vision of the offer and of the “delicious” resort visited.

Spoleto, an old settlement since ancient occasions, and from there on, capital city of one of the main Lombard duchies, is a position of exceptional social and recorded interest and an ideal beginning stage for the disclosure and the visit of Umbria. Is the rich legacy of landmarks and houses of worship that the city offers guests, for example, the Rocca Albornoz, had a place with Lucrezia Borgia and flanked by the excellent Ponte delle Torri, the Arch of Drusus, Roman curve raised in AD 23 out of appreciation for Drusus Minor, the Duomo or Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, with frescoes by Pinturicchio and Lippi’s put uninvolved of a similar name as one of the most delightful square in Europe, the congregation of San Salvatore, the most old basilicas of source paleocristiana in Italy.